Welcome to the WMP Exchange..

WMP ExchangeStarted on April 14th, 2011, the exchange currently offers the works of five SimCity 5 aficionados:

  • Rivit's rail, street & terrain mods;
  • Shokthrpy's civics & mods;
  • DocRorlach's lots and bats;
  • mrqs' bats & lots;
  • pLynn's bats & lots
  • titanicbuff's lots

In total there are now 189 plugins (incl. several prop & texture collections), and that list is still growing. In the 105 months since we started WMP, there have been 137,955 downloads - not too shabby for a minor fan site.

..on to the Exchange..

Uploads are here..WMP Upload Facility is now open..!

As of April 24th, 2012, all batters and lotters are invited to make their creations available on the WMP Exchange.

The process is simple: fill in a form, add your ZIP archive and images. The only caveat is that unlike the bigger exchanges, uploads are not shown right away. That is because we check and test everything first.

Why not try it now..?

WMP-E features SC4 Tools..

As everyone knows, the continued popularity of SimCity 4 is mainly due to the by now countless creations of custom content by the playersthemselves. Most of this excellent plugins require multiple tools and utilities before they can be released to the SC4 community.

SC4 Tools, a special site with applications specialising in the organising and maintenace of custom content, has made its set of programmes available on the WMP Exchange. You can find their main utilities right here. Also available here is Rivit's spectacular SC4DataNode utility - the new gold standard for plugins analysis!

Rivit's Downloads..
Rivit's Downloads..
mrqs Dowloads..
mrqs' Downloads..
shokthrpy's Downloads..
shokthrpy's Downloads..
Doc's Downloads..
Doc's Downloads..
Also available now: WMP gmax models & materials..
Latest available downloads:
Dutch Gulch Ferry - 29/10/2012
SHK Villas - 12/09/2012
SHK HD Rock Mod - 12/09/2012
SHK Parking Pack - 12/09/2012
The Cougar Fruit Packing Ltd. - 10/09/2012
WMP Rural Docklands 3 Port Authority - 05/09/2012
WMP Rural Docklands Set 3 - 03/09/2012
SBT/TBM Tug Warrior - 16/08/2012
SPAM Add-On WMP Barns Vol01 - 12/08/2012