RVT Haagse PCC Tram by Rivit (RVT)
While I was living in Den Haag (The Hague, The Netherlands) during the 80s this dainty PCC tram was by far my preferred form of transport. The Tram was usually used in control/trailer pairs. Because of the many narrow streets it was a deliberately small version of the generic American PCC design. They were decommissioned around '94.
There are two files:
1. A Single Tram file : Haagse PCC Tram - No Trailer.dat
If you are hell-bent on single trams use this file, the trailer has been suppressed.
2. A Tram set (control and trailers): Haagse PCC Tramset.dat
If you use El-Rail as well as Ground rail this set looks good because it is so small, and isn't like the usual boxy modern trams.
You can use only one or the other, and the game El-Rail Engine/Carriage is replaced by this. Remove .dat to revert to original game behaviour.
rivit 29 Mar 2009 version 2: Night lighting for all carriages and correct NAM UDI exemplar now added.
Type: Automata - Size: 260 KB
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