Urban Tarsealed Streets - by rivit rivit

Applying these files will completely suppress the MAXIS street look (everywhere, instantly). Its intended that way. Try it, fly it - if you don't like it remove it.

These are designed to work seamlessly with SAM4 - NZ Gravel, and SAM5 - Rural Tarsealed Streets.

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Streets 01

Streets 03
Streets 02
Mod Details and Information
  • Contents:
  • A - Required:
    • Base Tiles - all of the MAXIS originals (all wealth levels) (05xxxxxx).
    • Base Tiles.dat
    • JRJ Streetside Parking Bays.dat Modified to match - Jeronij's streetside parking textures
  • B - Required if you use NAM:
    • NAM Diagonals - all of the diagonal tiles in NAM (55xxxxxx)
    • NAM Diagonal Tiles.dat
  • C - Required if you use NAM:
    • NAM Extras - Circles, Crossings, Under bridges and Viaducts, FLUPS etc (5yxxxxxx)
    • NAM FLUPS.dat
    • NAM NWM.dat
    • NAM Roundabouts.dat
    • NAM Uses.dat
  • D - Required if you use Euro Textures:
    • Euro Textures for all transitions to Roads,Avenues etc. (many)
    • zzzzy Euro StreetFix.dat - reloads T and X street intersections
    • zzzzz Euro All.dat
This download is only compatible with SimCity 4 "Rush Hour" or SimCity 4 Deluxe.

Manual Installations: I've broken the set into separate files in order to ease maintenance. They should ideally be kept together in one directory (as in the zip).

This set MUST be loaded after NAM and after EURO (if you use them) in order to override all of the streets in earlier releases ie. Put into Plugins in a directory alphabetically after NAM and EUROs. Even more simply load it as late as possible. It can be DAT-packed - but you need to make sure it loads after any NAM/EURO folders!

Un-Installing: Revert by removing. Tiles used in a saved game may need to be relaid in order to guarantee their removal. (thats the way the game works).

Thanks to Schultz who prodded me to revisit my streets in May this year, and then actively helped me revise the design. Things rolled on from there. Also all those whose (NAM) products I have now touched - hope I did them justice.

The usage of this download is on your own risk. We do test our lots and of course use them ourselves, so they should work properly, but errors may still exist. Feel free to modify the lots for yourself and show them in your city journals, but you cannot distribute them in any manner or form. You certainly cannot upload them to fan sites or file exchanges.

All ZIP archives and the files they contain have been checked for virus infections and are clean.


Please bring oddities/omissions to my attention, ideally with a tileid or image. There are a lot of things that could have (and therefore probably have) gone awry. I will attempt to correct them but I'm not intending to go beserk with lots of nice-to-have additional changes. I've been using this for about 6 months and think its pretty complete and correct. It was completely made with Photoshop, GoFSH and Reader and took about 70hrs of free time to make (a good deal of which was tracking pieces down).

Note to Techs/Modders: the straight, 90 curve, diagonal and T,X intersections as BMPs are included in the archive in Dev/MAXIS. Dev/T21 has the modified NAM colours. I've included these for you to be able to make lot textures and even adapt your own specials should you desire.
Look for a support thread in Simtropolis Forums - rivit Street and Rail Mods

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rivit on the streets