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The SC4 Tunnels have seen little renovation since their first release. This package contains replacement models for all of the standard tunnels, and new tunnels which extend or change default functionality. All tunnels are presented as deliberately minimal tunnel portals so that they can be easily covered by overhanging lots. Additionally, I release this set in the direct expectation that modellers (better than I am) can improve on these ideas - and give us a truly great set of game tunnels.

Please read the installation instructions and be very clear before installing – it is easy to come unstuck if you don’t.

The Release is broken into 3 parts A. Replacement Rail Tunnel and a Single Rail Tunnel. B. Drop-in standard models for Road, One Way Road, Avenue, Ground Highway and Raised Highway tunnels. C. ADVANCED: THIS PART OF THE UPGRADE SHOULD ONLY BE ATTEMPTED IF YOU ARE SURE WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

A number of 7.5m Road and One Way Road Tunnels - Road, OWR, MAVE4 and OWR3, example slope mods, and instructions for implementing these changes.

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Tunnel Mod
Tunnel Mod Tunnel Mod
This download is only compatible with SimCity 4 "Rush Hour" or SimCity 4 Deluxe.

The download package contains full instructions regarding the installation of the Tunnel Mod, in PDF format. It really is a must-read - this is not a case of simply unpacking everything into a plugins folder!

Additionally, you can read the instructions on-line, or download the PDF version separately.


To ensure the proper functionality, make sure the files mentioned below are installed in the plugins folder.

Notes about Nightlighting Effects
In order to see the nightlighting, you must install the EP1-Update 1 for Rush Hour/Sim City 4 Deluxe, and then afterwards, install the SC4-Update for nightlighting (note: you have to be logged in in order to see the download link). If this update isn't installed, you won't see any lighting effects on custom BAT buildings.

The usage of this download is on your own risk. We do test our lots and of course use them ourselves, so they should work properly, but errors may still exist. Feel free to modify the lots for yourself and show them in your city journals, but you cannot distribute them in any manner or form. You certainly cannot upload them to fan sites or file exchanges.

All ZIP archives and the files they contain have been checked for virus infections and are clean.

Thanks and Credits:
I would like to thank DocRorlach in particular but also DJP (Dave) an EpicBlunder (Reid) for throwing what they could at these tunnels and instructions. The Doc and I have many moments of discovery along the way and without his cajoling I wouldn’t have persisted with the necessary BATing part of this mod. Fortunately I did, but it was a steep starting curve. These were made with the Bat4Max5 scripts with 3dsMax 2011, gmax and iLive’s Reader.
If you have problems with this lot it is most likely that you either do not have NAM installed, or that you you forgot to follow the instruction, or - just as likely - that we made a mistake. Questions & answers can be found at rivit's support thread at Simtropolis.
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