Dark Brick NAM Viaduct Mod by Rivit

This mod replaces the standard texture of NAM Rail viaducts with the dark brick used by pLYnn's RFY Rail Viaduct Set.

In order to function it must be loaded AFTER the NAM folder and any other viaduct altering mods. To revert back to the defaults, simply remove the F__NAM_Rail_Viaduct_Style_DirtyBrick.dat from wherever you installed it.

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This mod has not direct dependencies, however, it will only appear if you have NAM (any recent version) installed.


The usage of this download is on your own risk. We do test our lots and of course use them ourselves, so they should work properly, but errors may still exist. You certainly cannot upload them to fan sites or file exchanges.

All ZIP archives and the files they contain have been checked for virus infections and are clean.

If you have problems with this lot it is most likely that you did not download all the dependencies or - just as likely - that we made a mistake. You can contact us via email at comments@workingman-productions.co.uk. Best include a screen-shot illustrating the problem.
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