Rivit's Extra Lifter and Digger Mod

These ground lifters/digger were made by cloning some of simoncrie lifters and adjusting their height. (his bright idea came first).

Included are 15.5m (exactly correct for raised heavy rail), 10m, 5m and -7.5m (digger) for rail or road. Will settle in the misc transport menu next to the simoncrie diggers.

To install unzip the download into any plugins folder.

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The usage of this download is on your own risk. We do test our lots and of course use them ourselves, so they should work properly, but errors may still exist. You certainly cannot upload them to fan sites or file exchanges.

All ZIP archives and the files they contain have been checked for virus infections and are clean.

If you have problems with this lot it is most likely that you did not download all the dependencies or - just as likely - that we made a mistake. You can contact us via email at comments@workingman-productions.co.uk. Best include a screen-shot illustrating the problem.
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