rivit's Tunnel Mod Read-Me

Please read these installation instructions and be very clear before installing – it is easy to come unstuck if you don't.

The Release is broken into 3 parts A. Replacement Rail Tunnel and a Single Rail Tunnel. B. Drop-in standard models for Road, One Way Road, Avenue, Ground Highway and Raised Highway tunnels.

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How to Install the Tunnels..

Images - what the mod contains:

Part A – Rail Tunnel, Single Rail Tunnel

Part B – Replacement Tunnels – Road, OWR, Avenue, Ground Hwy, Raised Hwy

Part C – 7.5m One Way Road and Road
Part C – 7.5m Road Tunnels NWM OWR3 and NWM Mave4
When using Section C Tunnels and Slope Mod it is possible to lay tunnels adjacently

Above you see a 7.5m road tunnel either side of the standard Avenue tunnel – all are 7.5m tall.

Not all tunnel types will permit side-by-side tunnels, and the terrain on both sides where such multiples of tunnels will be created must be level. It's fun to experiment though.

Installation Instructions:

Make a directory RVT Tunnel Mod in your user plugins folder - you will put your choices in here.

Note: If you are planning to use the slope mods and already have Ennedi's slope mod, make sure that the folder loads AFTER Ennedi's slope mod.

Here is a sense of the flow of installation. If you just want replacements for the game items do A and B. If you want 7.5m road tunnels then you will do C0 or C1 or C2 as well. These options require keeping your wits about you.

Part A: Select all three files:

RVT Rail Tunnel – DTR Entrance – Concrete.dat

RVT Rail Tunnel – STR Entrance – Concrete.dat 

Utils_RVT_STR_Tunnel_1b88eb8a.dat                'the LOT which to place the STR tunnel

These are fully functional tunnels set back into the hill. Trains will appear to go into the hill correctly, and will reappear on the tile after the tunnel when exiting. This is default game behaviour as the tunnel usually extends into the next tile. Beware the STR Tunnel is a Transit Enabled Lot and can cause a CTD if it accidentally hovers over another transit-enabled lot.

How to place the STR tunnel

Step 1:

Drag (draw) the original tunnel to terraform the hill or mountain for the final tunnel.

Step 2:

Delete the tile right where the tunnel starts - the tunnel will disappear again, but the terrain is now correct for a rail tunnel.

Now place the RVT STR Tunnel Starter Lot in front of the hillside where the tunnel will go; the plop arrow should be pointing right.

Don't worry that the tunnel portal disappears into the hill or mountain.

Repeat that at the opposite side, where the tunnel will exit.

Step 3:

Use the standard Rail to drag the track from the RVT STR Tunnel Starter through the hill or mountain until you exit at the second starter lot.

Use NAM STR starter pieces on both sides to connect STR to the tunnel.

Depending on the roughness of the terrain, you may have to repeat these three steps until you get it right.

Note: those who use Left-Hand-Drive in the game may notice trains making an odd jump just as they enter or exit the tunnel; RHD users will not see this – we have no way of avoiding this currently, unfortunately.


Part B: This contains the files for each of the Standard Tunnel Models

RVT Avenue Tunnel - Concrete.dat

RVT Ground Highway Tunnel - Concrete.dat

RVT OneWayRoad Tunnel 13.8m - Concrete.dat

RVT Raised Highway Tunnel - Concrete.dat

RVT Road Tunnel 13.8m - Concrete.dat

If you are happy with the size of current tunnels choose (any of) the models you want from this list, into the RVT Tunnel Mod directory. You are ready to go.

Note: Remember – if you are going to use the tunnels & slope mods from Part C below, then the 13.8m DATs and OWR DATS should not be used!


If you do not want the tall Road models then this part contains Road Tunnels at 7.5m height instead of 13.8m. To implement this change certain exemplars (data entries) in the game must be changed.

Finally, if you make this change to your tunnels and you have an existing city with the tall tunnels these tunnels will need to be recreated - this is because the terrain will not adapt automatically just because the tunnel model changes - and vice-versa.

The Files

RVT Road Tunnel 7.5m - Concrete.dat         - a direct replacement for roads

RVT OneWayRoadTunnel 7.5m - Concrete.dat - a direct replacement for OWR

And if you have NAM Network Widening Mod

RVT MAVE4 Road 7.5m - Concrete.dat - if you only will have tunnels for this 4lane road

RVT OWR3 Tunnel 7.5m - Concrete.dat - if you want wider OWR tunnels and DIY 6 lane avenues

You can only select one each of the Road and One Way Road tunnel from this set - the game will only display one.

The second change needed to enable shorter tunnels is a mod to the exemplars controlling tunnel height. These, coincidentally, are the same as those Slope Mods for a given network

C0 You DO NOT USE a Slope mod (if you don't know you probably don't)

Select the corresponding

RVT Road Tunnel Model 7.5m Size Exemplar.dat and

RVT OneWayRoad Tunnel Model 7.5m Size Exemplar.dat

and put these into RVT Tunnel Mod folder. You're done. Tunnels may need to be redrawn

C1 You use ENNEDI's Slope Mod


Choose the corresponding files for according to which of Ennedi's mods you employ:

RVT zENN_SlopeMod_Medium315 OneWayRoad 7.5m.dat

RVT zENN_SlopeMod_Medium315 Road 7.5m.dat

RVT zENN_SlopeMod_Mount620 OneWayRoad 7.5m.dat

RVT zENN_SlopeMod_Mount620 Road 7.5m.dat

RVT zENN_SlopeMod_Smooth212 OneWayRoad 7.5m.dat

RVT zENN_SlopeMod_Smooth212 Road 7.5m.dat

These must load AFTER your slope mod to have effect. You're done. Tunnels may need to be redrawn

C2 YOU USE A N OTHER Slope Mod (probably your own)


You are an experienced modder and you can – of course – ignore the supplied slope mod adaptations and modify your existing slope mod directly. I hope you know what you're doing. The following exemplars will be somewhere in your slope mod (if not use the ones provided)

Using iLive's Reader program is by far the easiest way to make these changes.

For One Way Road Tunnel change the Property Tunnel Model Heights from 13.8 to 7.5m: in the Exemplar 6534284a - 084344e0 - 8bda0c2b.

For Road Tunnel change the Property Tunnel Model Heights from 13.8 to 7.5m in the Exemplar 6534284a - 084344e0 - 0781214f

Do not change anything else and do not forget to save.

Ok, Congratulations. All you need to do now is to fire up the game to see your new tunnels.


To remove revert to original files (your backup), the tunnels themselves can just be removed (caveat if you use shorter height tunnels they will need to be re-laid). If you used a modified Slope Mod you need to reverse the steps above.

rivit Oct 2011

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