SC4 Tools generated 8,524 downloads..

Since 2008, the various game utilities provided by SC4 Tools have been downloaded more than 50,000 times by SimCity 4 fans from around the globe. As of April 2012, these helpful applications are also available at the WMP Exchange.

Support is provided via the SC4 Tools Forum at Simtropolis, and the Support Forum at SimPeg.

Currently available for download are the following documents & utilities:

DIC Version

Updated on
July 1, 2012

Download DIC 2.1The DIC will help users to bring order into the SimCity 4 custom content downloads. Re-written from scratch as a stand-alone utility, the DIC not only handles the installation procedures, such as batch-installing multiple downloads, but also the total organization of downloads, installation history, updates, and even a dependency search.

Version 2.1.x.x incorporates most of the functions previously only found in the SC4 Organizer or the SC4 Test Tool 1.1, plus a host of new features, such as folder exclusion/inclusion, folder combine or split options,download categorizing, etc. For full details please visit the DIC 2.1 Overview.

SC4 Test Tool Version 1.3

Updated on
October 3, 2011

Download SC4 Test ToolThe SC4 Test Tool is ideal for bug-reports or analyzing your game. It can report not just on the SC4 Tools but on all your plugins as well. Version 1.3.1 includes a complete PC Hardware Scan; a performance test for Sim City 4 Deluxe; and the ability to upload test results directly to our server.

Note: This version only works with Wndows 7/Vista - it does not work with Windows XP!

SC4 Test Tool now comes with its own installer. For further details please take a look around the bookshelf.

SC4 Test Tool XP

Updated on
October 3, 2011

This is the original SC4 Test Tool, designed to work with Windos XP. AS such it does lack certain features of the more elaborate test tool for Vista/Windows 7.

Note: This version was designed to work with Windows XP.

MD/CJ Editor, Mark II

Version 2.02
January 31, 2011

Download MD EditorThe new and vastly improved mayor diary/city journal offline editor; now compatible with Simtropolis 6.0, SimCity Central, and SC4 Devotion/SimPeg forums.

Includes support for online photo albums such as ImageShack and PhotoBucket, custom tables & lists, full font formatting, Flash & YouTube insertions. The included handbook is also available as a separate download from the book shelves.

SC4 Region Viewer

Updated on
January 31, 2011

Download Region ViewerA small tool to allow user to review their regions and cities without needing to start the game. Includes a PNG-to-JPG converter for album screen captures, and a region backup utility, as well as an album viewer, and an optional region census viewer (requires sawtooth's Region Census tool, or Daeley's Regional Data mod - see Region Viewer FAQ).

The instructions for its use are found in the included read-me file; also available as a separate downloaded from the bookshelves.

Rivit's SC4DataNode
Version 0.93

Updated on
May 25, 2012

Rivit's SC4DataNodeSC4DataNode - A Simcity4 Exemplary - is intended as a Gold Standard SC4 Audit Tool - is NOT an Editing Tool - for this there are Reader, SC4Tool, Lot Editor and a number of others.

The program supports four main Tasks 1. Audit/Review of Loading Sequence, file redundancies and Overrides 2. Dependency verification (as many as possible) 3. Audit/Review of a. SC4 file integrity (.dat etc) and b. TGI file content integrity (Exemplars etc) to the Property Level 4. Exploration - a really good informative display of Exemplar Property Values and file contents so that one can learn something of how SC4 works.

SC4 Tools documentation and read-me files now have their own download page on the SC4 Tools Bookshelves. You'll find all included handbooks, plus some additional read-me's, release histories, and tutorials there.