SHK CSX Jacaranda MMP, created by shokthrpy

This is a fairly in-depth MMP of CSX's Jacaranda trees created by Colyn. Included are 5 separate files any of which can function on there own or all together, so you are free to pick and choose which you would like to keep or remove. The first two are seasonal sets and require the Seasonal Flora Patch in order to function properly. If you do not plan to use the seasonals this dependency is not needed. The original prop set is a 4 stage seasonal, however due to the limitations of MMP's only 3 stages can be used. Because of this I have created two seasonal sets:

  1. SHK_CSX_Jacaranda_Seasonal_A.dat - A more realistic seasonal where the trees will drop their leaves.
  2. SHK_CSX_Jacaranda_Seasonal_B.dat - A more colorful seasonal utilizing the floral, summer and fall variances.
    *Note - In order for proper seasonal alignment, it is necessary to pause and plant on the 1st of September of the simulation clock.

The remaining 3 files are individual sets for the Summer and two Floral varieties, as such they are static/non seasonal:

  • SHK_CSX_Jacaranda_Summer.dat - Stay green all year long SHK_CSX_Jacaranda_Flower_A.dat - A bluish purple variety.
  • SHK_CSX_Jacaranda_Flower_B.dat - A pink and purple variety.

All sets have multiple trees that can be cycled through with subsequent mouse clicks. I created this MMP out of my own particular affinity with this tree, and while it's certainly not for everyone, hopefully others can now enjoy it as much as I have.

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Jacaranda MMPs
This download is only compatible with SimCity 4 "Rush Hour" or SimCity 4 Deluxe.

Unzip the archive to your \My Documents\Simcity4\Plugins folder.


To ensure proper functionality, please make sure the following files are installed in your plugins folder.


Use of this content is at your own risk. I assume no responsibility for any problems you get yourself into. Feel free to use or modify my content however you want, but please give credit where due. Do not redistribute without permission.

Modding by shokthrpy. Thanks to Colyn from CSX for creating these excellent trees.
I try to test my content as thoroughly as possible, but if you encounter any issues please visit my BAT thread at
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