SHK Parking Pack by shokthrpy

The SHK Parking Pack is a combination prop and texture pack designed to enable lotters to create varied and distinct parking lots with little or no need for multiple dependencies. This project is the result of many months of work with the overall goal of providing everything I could think of to make any configuration of parking area needed. There are 3 parts to this download, textures, vehicles and parking props.

Contains a set of 5 asphalt and concrete base textures as well as a few overlays for bridging connections at various points where other textures meet. In addition there are 2 files which contain the bulk of the overlays. Two identical sets have been created utilizing both white and yellow space lines, that when used correctly work as a texture changer to enable utilizing either all white or all yellow space lines for any lots.

Vehicle Props:
The largest part of the pack is the vehicle props, starting with 150 single timed and untimed vehicles in both orthogonal and diagonal varieties (300 total). In addition there are a large number of orthogonal and diagonal timed clusters (68 total). Both the individual vehicles and clusters utilize a special timing system that along with the included prop families enable the creation of ever changing lots with little to no chance of repetition.

For full details on this system and others within this pack, please refer to the included documentation.

Parking Props:
A collection of over 100 props to add character and life to your lots, everything from shopping carts to speedbumps.

Note - This download contains no lots, it is intended as a dependency for my own and others future lots.

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This download is only compatible with SimCity 4 "Rush Hour" and Deluxe Edition.
To ensure proper functionality, please ensure the following files are located in your plugins folder.
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Props, textures and modding by shokthrpy. Special thanks to my fellow Nightowls Paeng and Murimk, for without their knowledge, assistance, determination and occasional prod with a sharp stick would this have ever been possible.
Use of this content is at your own risk. I assume no responsibility for any problems you get yourself into. Feel free to use or modify my content however you want, but please credit where due. Do not redistribute without permission.
I test my content as thoroughly as possible, but should you encounter any issues please visit my BAT thread at
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