Currently the main publishers are rivit, pLynn, WMP, shokthrpy, titanicbuff and mrqs.

Whenever a download includes read-me files, these are not a recommendations - they are a must-read for anyone wishing to successfully deploy the mods and lots available here. Failure to do so may result in brown boxes, CTDs, and other problems.



All 189 downloads are in ZIP format and - unless otherwise indicated - contain manual installations. Meaning they should simply be unpacked into the user's plugins folder, preferably in a subfolder. Do check the individual read-me files for more exact instructions, especially for mods - these often have to be in specific folders in order to load in the correct sequence.

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Dependencies & Other Annoyances..

Some of the downloads may have long, very long lists of dependencies! Where these lots, BATs, or mods originated with our primary teams, we will list the URLs for these files; however, there may cases where the creator forgot to list the dependencies correctly. Let us know, and we will update these downloads a.s.a.p.

In very, very rare cases, and only when the originating site of a dependency no longer exists, will we make such files available, and then only privately. It is legally and ethically impossible for us to provide such dependencies as direct downloads.

Disclaimer & Support

While every effort is made to ensure that the custom content listed here works and does not harm the game, errors do happen, mistakes do get made. When that occurs, let us know and we will try and resolve the issue as speedily as possible. You do download everything at your own risk - no exceptions.

Where support is needed, either email us at, or visit one of the support forums mentioned on the individual download pages.

Recent Lot Uploads..

Below is a list of the five latest examples of custom content you will find on our download pages.

Dutch Gulch Ferry by WMP Team
Team: WMP; published on 29/10/2012
The Dutch Gulch ferry set is a historic, eye-candy only set of ferries and landing points, vaguely based on the ferry shown in the old photograph below. The set consists of two sub-sets: one for ploppable water, one for game-water. Both subsets are identical and feature an empty as well as a fully loaded ferry, plus two landing points.
1.7 MB

SHK HD Rock Mod by shkthrpy
Team: SHK; published on 12/09/2012
This is a collection of 5 different rock mods in HD resolution (1024x1024) to be used with any HD terrain mod (e.g. Pyrenean & Appalachian Terrain Mods). They can be used with standard definition terrain mods as well, but any tiling will be more visible.
12 MB

SHK Parking Pack by shkthrpy
Team: SHK; published on 12/09/2012
The SHK Parking Pack is a combination prop and texture pack designed to enable lotters to create varied and distinct parking lots with little or no need for multiple dependencies. This project is the result of many months of work with the overall goal of providing everything I could think of to make any configuration of parking area needed. There are 3 parts to this download, textures, vehicles and parking props.
2.7 MB

SHK Villas by shkthrpy
Team: SHK; published on 12/09/2012
This set consists of 4 Italian style villas on transparent base textures for use in any remote location or anywhere else you might see fit.
0.5 MB

The Cougar Fruit Packing Ltd. by WMP Team
Team: WMP; published on 10/09/2012
The Cougar Fruit Packing Ltd. is the latest in the WMP SPAM Workplaces series. Formerly an independent family concern, it was acquired by a global food brand in the late eighties and, during season, ships several local apple varieties from the local orchards to markets world-wide.
1.7 MB

WMP Rural Docklands 3 Port Authority by WMP Team
Team: WMP; published on 05/09/2012
The Port Authority is an add-on to the recently released WMP Rural Dockland 3 series. It acts as a police station, with the same capacities (except for inmate cells) as the Maxis police kiosk, and thus also creates the same job demands.
0.9 MB

WMP Rural Docklands Set 3 by WMP Team
Team: WMP; published on 03/09/2012
This is the third Docklands set; this time around the docks and piers are wooden to give them a more rural flavour. There are a total of 42 lots in the set, including 4 water-based tug & barge lots, several busstops, a freight stop, a fire station, as well as a ferry and a desalination plant, all fitted around the same theme.
7.8 MB

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