Since 2008, the various game utilities provided by SC4 Tools have been downloaded more than 50,000 times by SimCity 4 fans from around the globe. As of April 2012, these helpful applications are also available at the WMP Exchange.


The SC4 Tools were developed originally to create at least a semblance of organization when it came to the various necessities of playing the game and keeping track of the ever growing number of "must-have" downloads, ultimately too numerous to remember which was installed where, and what was needed to keep it all working together. Files, lots, and downloads went missing; then there was the ever annoying issue of dependencies; finally, last and certainly not least were several crashes due to an errant piece of custom content.
These days, the SC4 Tools Suite contains a lot of options not originally envisaged, such as organizing the Read-Me folders & files; managing downloads & installations; and helping with the usage of "third party" applications by other folks, like BSC DATPacker™ & BSC Cleantiol™

Most of our utilities come with either a handbook, or at least a read-me file covering the salient points of the application. Support is provided via the SC4 Tools Forum at Simtropolis, and the Support Forum at SimPeg.

SC4 Tools Products SC4 Download & Installation Catalogue (DIC) The biggest spin-off from the original SC4 Organizer, the DIC is is now the main tool to keep on top downloads, as well as manage your plugins folders. It can co-operate with BSC's Cleanitol and DAT Packer, check on dependencies, and clean up the plugins folders.
MD/CJ Editor Specially aimed at those among us who create City Journals, tutorials, and other lengthy forum posts. It enables a user to do this off-line, complete with a Photobucket/ImageShack browser and live preview. Work both with HTML and BBCodes for all main fan sites.
SC4 Region Viewer A small, resident utility that keeps a watch over your regions while you play: every time a file changes, the entire region is backed up. And al regions are backed up when you start the utility.
SC4 Test Tool This is a small application primarily aimed at allowing users to check their SC4 Tools installations and, if necessary, report any bugs they found.

For full details, revision logs, and downloads of read-me files and handbooks, visit the SC4 Tools site.

Currently under development is a small WMP Exchange Download Utility to help everyone stay up-yo-date with plugins available or updated at the exchange.