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Who's who at the exchange..

The exchange now has six teams/creators contributing their creations to the download pages. This number is likely to grow, now that uploads are possible for teams and individuals.

Below are some details about these contributors.

rivitRivit, also known as Ron, was on of the first uploaders at the exchange. His forte are complex mods, his rightly famous Railway Upgrade Mod (RUM) a complete overhaul of every railway track puzzle piece (there are over 500 in NAM alone). Automata, such as his detailed German Rail Engines, are another of Ron's many SC4 hobby horses. His productions can as well be found on the Simtropolis STEX.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, rivit can be equally thorough (some might say obsessive) when it comes to .NET programming, where he is currently working on a new DAT utility. Anyone working with FSH files most likely uses his goFSH application.


Marek, domiciled in Warshaw, Poland, is listed as MRQS both here and on the SimPolska site. His BATs are invariably based on real-life edifices found in his home country. A typical example is the highly detailed Draper's Hall, a renaissance building in central Krawkow known as the "Sukiennice".

At the same time he also tackles pre- and post-war architecture from the communist era, such as the Residential Sciana Towers, or the run-down Wolska 67 Tennement.


shokthrpyKnown throughout the SC4 community by the unpronouncable handle of shokthrpy, Justin bats in Illinois, United States, and first started uploading to the exchange during the summer of 2011. Fittingly, his first four creations went under the tropical theme: clean, light civic buildings as you might find in the coastal towns of Florida.

Especially the Tropical Fire Station, with its timed props and buildings, cemented his popularity, both on the exchange as well as the STEX. But civics are not his only output; he also creates mods from time to time, such as the Palm Replacement Mod and its complementing MMP version.


Coming late to the SC4 batting discipline (after saying for years that he never would), DocRorlach of London, England, started his prodigous output following a request for a transit-enabled causeway with the very liberal help of Murimk. He still blames the latter for getting him "addicted" to SC4 BAT, but the immediate popularity of the WMP Causeway Set made him persevere.

A member of the WMP team which created this site, the Doc has tried his hand at almost everything from simple eye-candy bridges to innovative and functional rail ferries, forever trying (but not necessarily succeeding) to create something unique. His lots may not be for everyone since they tend to have longer than usual dependency lists.


re-FactoryOne of the first to make use of the new upload facility pLynn of the re-Factory team joined the exchange at the beginning of spring in 2012, showing off his first BAT, Container City.

pLynn works in Amsterdam, Holland, and promised to provide further uploads soon.



Joining the WMP Exchange..

..is simple. There are no registration forms and no log-in screens. All you have to do is upload some of your creations, preferably accompanied by screenshots, using the Upload Form.

If you are part of a team, or have your own signature logo, be sure to include it with the first upload.Emailing us a paragraph or two about your team or yourself will help us include you on the team page - comments@workingman-productions.co.uk.



Updated Tuesday, April 24, 2012