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This is the third Docklands set; this time around the docks and piers are wooden to give them a more rural flavour. There are a total of 42 lots in the set, including 4 water-based tug & barge lots, several busstops, a freight stop, a fire station, as well as a ferry and a desalination plant, all fitted around the same theme.

The desalination plant is located on-shore but has a companion dock lot (pumping station) to connect it to your harbour. All lots featuring a gate and a street connection offer jobs to your Sims and thus do require transit access.

All WMP buildings and props were rendered in HD, which accounts for the file sizes.

An add-on Port Authority (police station) is also available here.

Note: If you downloaded any of the previous WMP dockland sets you will already have the wmp_rdock_props01.dat & wmp_rdock_props02.dat dependencies.

Note II: Updated on September 5th, 2012 - fixed street/road access for grain loading dock. Also fixed Mac capacity bug for freight depot & busstops

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Lot Details and Information:
Lot size: varied;
Menu position: WaterTransit (except for Desalination Plant which is found in the Water Uility menu);
Jobs: varied;
Plop cost: varied;
Bulldoze cost: varied;
Monthly cost: § 10
Power consumption: 20 MWh/month
Water consumption: 10 Gallons/month
Pollution: varied;
This download is only compatible with SimCity 4 "Rush Hour" or SimCity 4 Deluxe.

Manual Installations: If you are using the DIC (Download & Installation Catalogue) manual installations are easy. If not, unpack the ZIP archive into your (My) Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins Folder. We recommend creating a WorkingMan folder beforehand, if it does not exist, and using that as the installation folder.

Un-Installing: To un-install the files, simply bulldoze every lot from this download in your cities and delete the files from the plugins folder afterwards.


To ensure the proper functionality, make sure the files mentioned below are installed in the plugins folder.
WMP Dependencies:

External Dependencies

Notes about Nightlighting Effects:
In order to see the nightlighting, you must install the EP1-Update 1 for Rush Hour/Sim City 4 Deluxe, and then afterwards, install the SC4-Update for nightlighting (note: you have to be logged in in order to see the download link). If this update isn't installed, you won't see any lighting effects on custom BAT buildings.

The usage of this download is on your own risk. We do test our lots and of course use them ourselves, so they should work properly, but errors may still exist. Feel free to modify the lots for yourself and show them in your city journals, but you cannot distribute them in any manner or form. You certainly cannot upload them to fan sites or file exchanges.

All ZIP archives and the files they contain have been checked for virus infections and are clean.

Thanks go to d_j_p1 for his patient testing of all WMP lots & mods, and to RTM for the excellent fire & emergency vehicles; the tug, as well as most of the crane models came from the 3D warehouse.
If you have problems with this lot it is most likely that you did not download all the dependencies or - just as likely - that we made a mistake. You can contact us via email at comments@workingman-productions.co.uk. Best include a screen-shot illustrating the problem.
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WMP_Docklands3.zip Download Size: 7.8 MB
wmp_docklands3_props.zip Download Size: 7.5 MB
WMP Dependencies:
wmp_rdock_props01.zip Download Size: 2.6 MB
wmp_rdock_props02.zip Download Size: 1.4 MB
wmp_rdock_vehicle_props.zip Download Size: 1.3 MB
wmp_mega_texture.zip Download Size: 4.1 MB
External Dependencies:
BSC Mega Props - CP Vol02.dat Download Size: 10.5 MB
BSC Mega Props - RT Vol02.dat Download Size: 10.0 MB