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The SHK Tropical Library by shokthrpy

Civic - Education
Added on 26 August 2011, downloaded 204 times..

This lot represents the second in a series of tropical themed civics that I am creating. The stats differ from the default small library in plop cost and in effect. The EQ effect of the lot is such that it will more realistically mimick that of an actual library. The base EQ level has been raised slightly and the effect vs. average age has been evened out to provide a more level effect across the age spectrum. In other words it won't get you I-HT demand by itself, but it will get you to 50 or so EQ within it's radius.

Download Size: 877 KBDownload The SHK Tropical Library..

The SHK Tropical Fire Station by shokthrpy

Civic - Fire
Added on 25 August 2011, downloaded 204 times..

This is the third in my series of tropically-themed civic buildings. It uses a set of 6 different timed building props to effectively change the look of the station at various times throughout the day and night. The stats are similar to that of the default 2 engine station, with the exception of an increased coverage area and a couple more jobs.

Download Size: 1.7 MBDownload The SHK Tropical Fire Station..

WMP Veterinary Clinic by WMP Team

Civic - Hospitals
Added on 23 July 2012, downloaded 84 times..

The third in the WMP SPAM Workplace series brings you a rural veterinary clinic: Dr Catellus and his staff of eighteen animal care workers will look after your farm animals, pets, and even the occassional exotic souvenir you brought back from that South American cruise last year.

Download Size: 1.4 MBDownload WMP Veterinary Clinic..

The SHK Tropical Clinic by shokthrpy

Civic - Hospitals
Added on 26 August 2011, downloaded 212 times..

This lot is the first in a series of tropical themed civics. Stats are similar to the default small clinic, with the exception of a slight increase in coverage radius, and a more level effect across the age spectrum.

Download Size: 618 KBDownload The SHK Tropical Clinic..

WMP TenBrook Estates by DocRorlach

Civic - Hospitals
Added on 24 June 2011, downloaded 283 times..

WMP TenBrook Estate is a small retirement community for wealthy pensioners whose savings "Golden Handshakes" amounted to some hard currency. While the occupancy is accordingly low, its boost to the Health EQ is considerable.

Download Size: 5.0 MBDownload WMP TenBrook Estates..

The Crown at the Mill Pub by DocRorlach

Civic - Landmarks
Added on 31 July 2012, downloaded 75 times..

The (for now) final lot in the WMP SPAM Workplaces series offers you The Crown at the Mill pup, a smalll rural watering hole in an old, refurbished water mill.

Download Size: 0.7 MBDownload The Crown at the Mill Pub..

Patagonian Feed & Farm Supplies by WMP Team

Civic - Landmarks
Added on 27 July 2012, downloaded 92 times..

The Patagonian Feed & Farm Supplies store is the latest in the WMP SPAM Workplaces series. True to its rural settings it provides a mere twelve jobs; can be found atop the Landmarks menu; and comes with on a 5x4 lot with street access.

Download Size: 1.2 MBDownload Patagonian Feed & Farm Supplies..

WMP Rural Distillery by WMP Team

Civic - Landmarks
Added on 23 July 2012, downloaded 96 times..

This WMP SPAM Workplace is a spin-off from the ethanol plant. Since the basic incredients were already in place, some managers felt it was high time to do something for the community and revive an old still.

Download Size: 0.7 MBDownload WMP Rural Distillery..

WMP Ethanol Plant A by WMP Team

Civic - Landmarks
Added on 27 June 2012, downloaded 252 times..

This is the first in a series of SPAM (SimPeg Acricultural Mod) workplaces: a large ethanol plant, based roughly on a real-life plant somewhere in the United States. The large lot contains everything needed to create the bio fuel, and employs 145 folks from the surrounding rural area.

Download Size: 3.2 MBDownload WMP Ethanol Plant A..

RFY Luxury Car Dealer by pLynn

Civic - Landmarks
Added on 10 June 2012, downloaded 103 times..

A luxury car dealship, selling Jaguars, Bugatti, and the odd classic roadster. Provides 25 high-paid jobs and belongs to the higher class residential or commercial neighbourhoods.

Download Size: 2.0 MBDownload RFY Luxury Car Dealer..

The Container City by pLynn

Civic - Landmarks
Added on 27 March 2012, downloaded 71 times..

Containers are an extremely flexible method of construction, being both modular in shape, extremely strong structurally and readily available. Container Cities offer an alternative solution to traditional space provision. They are ideal for office and workspace, live-work and key-worker housing. Three landmark lots, 2x3 and 3x3, roughly based on the Container City idea in London, UK. Most of the dependencies are common enough to already exist in everyone's SC4 plugins folder.

Download Size: 929 KBDownload The Container City..

Wolska 67 Tenement by mrqs

Civic - Landmarks
Added on 29 August 2011, downloaded 211 times..

Wolska - a low-income tennement on the seedier side of town. One of the few remaining pre-war low-rises in Warsaw today. The original is still standing, and even has a web site (albeit in Polish). Growable Lot Size: 2x2, Plugins Size: 1.1 MB

Download Size: 511 KBDownload Wolska 67 Tenement..

The Krakow Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) by mrqs

Civic - Landmarks
Added on 29 August 2011, downloaded 263 times..

The Renaissance Sukiennice (Cloth Hall, Drapers' Hall) in Krakow, Poland, is one of the city's most recognizable icons. It is the central feature of the Main Market Square in the Krakow Old Town. Landmark Lot Size: 7x3, Plugins Size: 1.1 MB

Download Size: 1.0 MBDownload The Krakow Cloth Hall (Sukiennice)..

The Sciana Residential (East Wall) Towers by mrqs

Civic - Landmarks
Added on 29 August 2011, downloaded 283 times..

Sciana Residential (East Wall) - three residential towers in the center of Warsaw, near the Palace of Culture and Science. They were built in Sixties, using what was then pioneer technology and were some of the tallest buildings in Warsaw for long time. Download contains landmark and growable versions. Lot Sizes: 3x2, Plugins Size: 4.9 MB

Download Size: 4.0 MBDownload The Sciana Residential (East Wall) Towers..

WMP Abteibruecke by DocRorlach

Civic - Landmarks
Added on 20 July 2011, downloaded 395 times..

Suggested originally by Paeng of SimPeg fame, the Abteibruecke (Cloister Bridge) was Berlin's first reinforced concrete span bridge and opened in 1916 as a pedestrian connection over the river Spree to a small island which has served various recreactional purposes over the centuries.

Download Size: 5.3 MBDownload WMP Abteibruecke..