We will not bog you down with "licenses" or other such restrictive practices; after all, what you are downloading is freely given.

Use these plugins as you see fit; the only concession we ask is that you mention the creator if you elect to publish what you make - credit where credit is due.

If indeed you do publish plugins, now and then or regularily, we do now have an Upload Section.

Currently, the exchange features 125 plugins (plus 64 prop & texture collections), by six teams and batters, sorted by team or creator, with the newest on top of the page. As SC4 fan sites go, WMP is small change. Still, we hope you like what you find here.

The listing now spans five pages; use the menu on the left to browse the exchange.


Berlin, Friedrichstrasse 1 revisited by DocRorlach

Civic - Landmarks
Added on 14 April 2011, downloaded 399 times..

This is a relotting effort of gerAndi's original plugin called Berlin, Friedrichstrasse 1. The original unfortunately had a missing building and several other minor faults which resulted in a "Missing Plugin" error in the game.

Download Size: 1.7 MBDownload Berlin, Friedrichstrasse 1 revisited..

The SHK Beach Houses by shokthrpy

Civic - Parks
Added on 17 August 2011, downloaded 259 times..

This set consists of 3 ploppable 1x1 beach houses on transparent bases for use in remote areas or anywhere else you might deem necessary. Each has a custom foundation making them slope friendly in varying degrees, and are completely neutral in Landmark, Mayor Rating, pollution and utility consumption.

Download Size: 973 KBDownload The SHK Beach Houses..

WMP Abtei Rowing Club by DocRorlach

Civic - Parks
Added on 21 July 2011, downloaded 418 times..

The Abtei Rowing Club (ARC) is meant as a companion building for the Abtei Bruecke (separate download) and has been designed in the same style, using the same materials. Having jobs and street access, it can be found in the Landmark menu. The lot contains a Bar & Buffet terrace and an oar repair shed.

Download Size: 4.4 MBDownload WMP Abtei Rowing Club..

WMP Allotment Set by DocRorlach

Civic - Parks
Added on 12 July 2011, downloaded 4,491 times..

The WMP Allotments Set consists of 12 community gardens, ranging from 1x2 to 2x4 in size, plus a Garden Centre Clubhouse, a Market Square, a functional Transformer Substation, and an equally functioning small Water Pumping Station. Both the power substation and the water pump are found, together with the allotments, in the park menu, and are clearly indicated by custom icons.

Download Size: 8.0 MBDownload WMP Allotment Set..

The WMP Boardwalks Set by DocRorlach

Civic - Parks
Added on 14 April 2011, downloaded 298 times..

Included are three sets of boardwalks: two are strictly texture-based and thus lie flat on the terrain (and are therefore slope-tolerant), while the main one is based on Murimk's boat pier props, making this set a total of 30 lots. Props will show up during plopping, hence there should be no problem with orienting the lots. Murimk's Boardwalk has a transparent base making it easy to paint ploppable water below it. The other boardwalks need to be painted more carefully: we suggest using 1/4 brushes. Best "water" for these lots is Tahoe, by Pegasus, and available on the PLEX.

Download Size: 1.7 MBDownload The WMP Boardwalks Set..

The WMP Causeway Set by DocRorlach

Civic - Parks
Added on 14 April 2011, downloaded 517 times..

Included in this download are twelve land-based lots, plus one water-based seawall, all combined into a single DAT. Also included are three of the four dependencies. The fourth (PorkieProps-Vol1.dat) is only required if the road pieces are used. Please read the included terraforming instructions.

Download Size: 1.4 MBDownload The WMP Causeway Set..

The SHK Tropical Police Station by shokthrpy

Civic - Police
Added on 13 July 2011, downloaded 186 times..

Here is the fourth lot in my series of tropically themed civics, the police station. The stats are similar to the default Small Police Station, with the exception of an increased coverage area and a couple more jobs.

Download Size: 1.4 MBDownload The SHK Tropical Police Station..

SHK Villas by shkthrpy

Added on 12 September 2012, downloaded 58 times..

This set consists of 4 Italian style villas on transparent base textures for use in any remote location or anywhere else you might see fit.

Download Size: 0.5 MBDownload SHK Villas..

SPAM Add-On WMP Barns Vol01 by Paeng & WMP Team

Added on 12 August 2012, downloaded 75 times..

Two additional farms for your SPAM agricultural areas, featuring barns with a distinct european flavor: 2x3 Growable Farm with a long double barn (spam crops) 2x3 Growable Farm with a short barn and silo (spam crops) Both are also available as ploppable version (no crops).

Download Size: 0.9 MBDownload SPAM Add-On WMP Barns Vol01..

WMP Rowing Boats MMP by DocRorlach

MM - Flora
Added on 05 April 2012, downloaded 429 times..

Nineteen ploppable water craft meant for ploppable water (they do not work with in-game water): several single and double racing sculls at different angles; inflatable rafts, an outboard motor boat, sailing dinghys, as well as some punts. Additionally, there are racing demarkation posts and a scull race finish line. The included punt dock was designed to work with Murimk's Rural Marinas (available on the PLEX and the STEX).
To use these watercraft, plop the boats first, then "paint" the water around them. All items, except the clubhouse, can be found atop the Park Menu.

Download Size: 24 KBDownload WMP Rowing Boats MMP..

SHK CSX Jacaranda MMP by shokthrpy

MM - Flora
Added on 16 August 2011, downloaded 156 times..

This is a fairly in-depth MMP of CSX's Jacaranda trees created by Colyn. Included are 5 separate files any of which can function on there own or all together, so you are free to pick and choose which you would like to keep or remove.

Download Size: 1.4 MBDownload SHK CSX Jacaranda MMP..

SHK Parking Pack by shkthrpy

Mods, etc.
Added on 12 September 2012, downloaded 101 times..

The SHK Parking Pack is a combination prop and texture pack designed to enable lotters to create varied and distinct parking lots with little or no need for multiple dependencies. This project is the result of many months of work with the overall goal of providing everything I could think of to make any configuration of parking area needed. There are 3 parts to this download, textures, vehicles and parking props.

Download Size: 2.7 MBDownload SHK Parking Pack..

SHK HD Rock Mod by shkthrpy

Mods, etc.
Added on 12 September 2012, downloaded 101 times..

This is a collection of 5 different rock mods in HD resolution (1024x1024) to be used with any HD terrain mod (e.g. Pyrenean & Appalachian Terrain Mods). They can be used with standard definition terrain mods as well, but any tiling will be more visible.

Download Size: 12 MBDownload SHK HD Rock Mod..

Faded Catenary Mod by Rivit

Mods, etc.
Added on 13 June 2012, downloaded 124 times..

This mod is a texture only override of the well known and frequently used Rail Catenaries by plundere Installing this modd will tone town the optical effect of the original NL catenaries (by ehbk2006) becoming disproportionally dominant (bright) in a scene, particularly at far zooms. Everything else is unchanged.

Download Size: 0.2 MBDownload Faded Catenary Mod..

Rivit's Extra Lifter and Digger Mod by Rivit

Mods, etc.
Added on 13 June 2012, downloaded 132 times..

These ground lifters/digger were made by cloning some of simoncrie lifters and adjusting their height. (his bright idea came first).

Download Size: 0.2 MBDownload Rivit's Extra Lifter and Digger Mod..