We will not bog you down with "licenses" or other such restrictive practices; after all, what you are downloading is freely given.

Use these plugins as you see fit; the only concession we ask is that you mention the creator if you elect to publish what you make - credit where credit is due.

If indeed you do publish plugins, now and then or regularily, we do now have an Upload Section.

Currently, the exchange features 125 plugins (plus 64 prop & texture collections), by six teams and batters, sorted by team or creator, with the newest on top of the page. As SC4 fan sites go, WMP is small change. Still, we hope you like what you find here.

The listing now spans five pages; use the menu on the left to browse the exchange.


Dutch Gulch Ferry by WMP Team

Added on 29 October 2012, downloaded times..

The Dutch Gulch ferry set is a historic, eye-candy only set of ferries and landing points, vaguely based on the ferry shown in the old photograph below. The set consists of two sub-sets: one for ploppable water, one for game-water. Both subsets are identical and feature an empty as well as a fully loaded ferry, plus two landing points.

Download Size: 1.7 MBDownload Dutch Gulch Ferry..

SHK Parking Pack by shkthrpy

Added on 12 September 2012, downloaded 101 times..

The SHK Parking Pack is a combination prop and texture pack designed to enable lotters to create varied and distinct parking lots with little or no need for multiple dependencies. This project is the result of many months of work with the overall goal of providing everything I could think of to make any configuration of parking area needed. There are 3 parts to this download, textures, vehicles and parking props.

Download Size: 2.7 MBDownload SHK Parking Pack..

SHK Villas by shkthrpy

Added on 12 September 2012, downloaded 58 times..

This set consists of 4 Italian style villas on transparent base textures for use in any remote location or anywhere else you might see fit.

Download Size: 0.5 MBDownload SHK Villas..

SHK HD Rock Mod by shkthrpy

Added on 12 September 2012, downloaded 58 times..

This is a collection of 5 different rock mods in HD resolution (1024x1024) to be used with any HD terrain mod (e.g. Pyrenean & Appalachian Terrain Mods). They can be used with standard definition terrain mods as well, but any tiling will be more visible.

Download Size: 12 MBDownload SHK HD Rock Mod..

The Cougar Fruit Packing Ltd. by WMP Team

Added on 10 September 2012, downloaded 92 times..

The Cougar Fruit Packing Ltd. is the latest in the WMP SPAM Workplaces series. Formerly an independent family concern, it was acquired by a global food brand in the late eighties and, during season, ships several local apple varieties from the local orchards to markets world-wide.

Download Size: 1.7 MBDownload The Cougar Fruit Packing Ltd...

WMP Rural Docklands 3 Port Authority by WMP Team

Added on 05 September 2012, downloaded 96 times..

The Port Authority is an add-on to the recently released WMP Rural Dockland 3 series. It acts as a police station, with the same capacities (except for inmate cells) as the Maxis police kiosk, and thus also creates the same job demands.

Download Size: 0.9 MBDownload WMP Rural Docklands 3 Port Authority..

WMP Rural Docklands Set 3 by WMP Team

Added on 03 September 2012, downloaded 110 times..

This is the third Docklands set; this time around the docks and piers are wooden to give them a more rural flavour. There are a total of 42 lots in the set, including 4 water-based tug & barge lots, several busstops, a freight stop, a fire station, as well as a ferry and a desalination plant, all fitted around the same theme.

Download Size: 7.8 MBDownload WMP Rural Docklands Set 3..

SBT/TBM Tug Warrior by titanicbuff

Added on 16 August 2012, downloaded 62 times..

The SCT Warrior was designed in 1904 by Sir Robert Langford, II for the Sim City Tug Lines. Noticing an absent of tugs within his city, Landford designed thig tug as a helpful piece to the countries' docklands- Well, the end result was a masterful piece of work for the city of Sim City.

Download Size: 422 KBDownload SBT/TBM Tug Warrior..

SPAM Add-On WMP Barns Vol01 by Paeng & WMP Team

Added on 12 August 2012, downloaded 75 times..

Two additional farms for your SPAM agricultural areas, featuring barns with a distinct european flavor: 2x3 Growable Farm with a long double barn (spam crops) 2x3 Growable Farm with a short barn and silo (spam crops) Both are also available as ploppable version (no crops).

Download Size: 0.9 MBDownload SPAM Add-On WMP Barns Vol01..

The Crown at the Mill Pub by DocRorlach

Added on 31 July 2012, downloaded 75 times..

The (for now) final lot in the WMP SPAM Workplaces series offers you The Crown at the Mill pup, a smalll rural watering hole in an old, refurbished water mill.

Download Size: 0.7 MBDownload The Crown at the Mill Pub..

Patagonian Feed & Farm Supplies by WMP Team

Added on 27 July 2012, downloaded 92 times..

The Patagonian Feed & Farm Supplies store is the latest in the WMP SPAM Workplaces series. True to its rural settings it provides a mere twelve jobs; can be found atop the Landmarks menu; and comes with on a 5x4 lot with street access.

Download Size: 1.2 MBDownload Patagonian Feed & Farm Supplies..

WMP Veterinary Clinic by WMP Team

Added on 23 July 2012, downloaded 84 times..

The third in the WMP SPAM Workplace series brings you a rural veterinary clinic: Dr Catellus and his staff of eighteen animal care workers will look after your farm animals, pets, and even the occassional exotic souvenir you brought back from that South American cruise last year.

Download Size: 1.4 MBDownload WMP Veterinary Clinic..

WMP Rural Distillery by WMP Team

Added on 23 July 2012, downloaded 96 times..

This WMP SPAM Workplace is a spin-off from the ethanol plant. Since the basic incredients were already in place, some managers felt it was high time to do something for the community and revive an old still.

Download Size: 0.7 MBDownload WMP Rural Distillery..

WMP Grain Freight Depot by WMP Team

Added on 30 June 2012, downloaded 110 times..

Modelled vaguely on a real grain depot, this second lot in the WMP SPAM Workplaces series, the WMP Grain Freight Depot acts as a small, rural freight station providing fifteen jobs.

Download Size: 0.9 MBDownload WMP Grain Freight Depot..

WMP Ethanol Plant A by WMP Team

Added on 27 June 2012, downloaded 252 times..

This is the first in a series of SPAM (SimPeg Acricultural Mod) workplaces: a large ethanol plant, based roughly on a real-life plant somewhere in the United States. The large lot contains everything needed to create the bio fuel, and employs 145 folks from the surrounding rural area.

Download Size: 3.2 MBDownload WMP Ethanol Plant A..