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Faded Catenary Mod by Rivit

Added on 13 June 2012, downloaded 124 times..

This mod is a texture only override of the well known and frequently used Rail Catenaries by plundere Installing this modd will tone town the optical effect of the original NL catenaries (by ehbk2006) becoming disproportionally dominant (bright) in a scene, particularly at far zooms. Everything else is unchanged.

Download Size: 0.2 MBDownload Faded Catenary Mod..

Rivit's Extra Lifter and Digger Mod by Rivit

Added on 13 June 2012, downloaded 132 times..

These ground lifters/digger were made by cloning some of simoncrie lifters and adjusting their height. (his bright idea came first).

Download Size: 0.2 MBDownload Rivit's Extra Lifter and Digger Mod..

RFY Luxury Car Dealer by pLynn

Added on 10 June 2012, downloaded 103 times..

A luxury car dealship, selling Jaguars, Bugatti, and the odd classic roadster. Provides 25 high-paid jobs and belongs to the higher class residential or commercial neighbourhoods.

Download Size: 2.0 MBDownload RFY Luxury Car Dealer..

Industrial Warehouse Set by pLynn

Added on 10 June 2012, downloaded 95 times..

This time re-Factory Lots presents a set of six industrial warehouses of different sizes and manufacturing job capacities. All lots are transit-enabled but carry no transit switch information (except for the freight stop)

Download Size: 8.3 MBDownload Industrial Warehouse Set..

RFY Bus & Tram Depot by pLynn

Added on 25 May 2012, downloaded 89 times..

Located in a renovated city wall guard house, the bus and tram depot acts as a switch between the two modes of urban transport. The 5x7 lot acts as both tram and bus stop, with a capacity of 7,500, providing 15 medium wealth jobs. It came about as part of an earlier (but since abandoned) city wall project.

Download Size: 2.4 MBDownload RFY Bus & Tram Depot..

Dark Brick NAM Viaduct Mod by Rivit

Added on 10 May 2012, downloaded 246 times..

This mod replaces the standard texture of NAM Rail viaducts with the dark brick used by pLYnn's RFY Rail Viaduct Set.

Download Size: 0.3 MBDownload Dark Brick NAM Viaduct Mod..

RFY Elevated Rail Viaduct by pLynn

Added on 08 May 2012, downloaded 103 times..

The RFY Rail Viaduct Series - based on DocRorlach's monorail models - contains seventeen lots for the NAM Elevated Rail System. These can be combined to cover the default NAM viaducts. The size of the total download is due to the HD rendering of the models.

Download Size: 0.6 MBDownload RFY Elevated Rail Viaduct..

RVT Alternative NAM Viaducts by Rivit

Added on 17 April 2012, downloaded 132 times..

Six new NAM Rail Viaduct sets:
 > Red Brick - like Viaduct des Arts in Paris
 > Brown Brick - matches SC4 tunnels
 > Concrete and Steel - stark modernish city look
 > Sandstone - old Italian feel
and not illlustrated:
 > Brown Brick Plain - as shown but no offset brickwork
 > Red Brick Plain - Like Stockport viaduct in England

Download Size: 3 MBDownload RVT Alternative NAM Viaducts..

RVT SAM5 Rural Tarsealed Streets by Rivit

Added on 17 April 2012, downloaded 101 times..

This set overrides the SAM5 - Trolca Dirt Textures. It is based on the type of tarsealed streets found throughout Australia and NZ. These streets are a redesign and new implementation of the streets I first made in 2005. This set is for outside the city or in the poorer fringe suburban areas - they will never get kerbs or footpaths.

Download Size: 1.8 MBDownload RVT SAM5 Rural Tarsealed Streets..

RVT SAM2 Red Herringbone Brick Streets by Rivit

Added on 11 April 2012, downloaded 69 times..

SAM2 Override - RedHerringboneBrick:
This is my SAM2 implementation of the streets I first made in 2005, and is a by-product of learning how to make my other street sets.
Particular care has been taken to account for how bricks are actually laid for tidy curves, intersections and joins and use my original textures.

Download Size: 1.7 MBDownload RVT SAM2 Red Herringbone Brick Streets..

RVT SAM4 NZ Gravel Streets by Rivit

Added on 11 April 2012, downloaded 336 times..

This set overrides the SAM4 - PEG Gravel Textures. It is based on the type of gravel roads found throughout NZ and parts of Australia. These roads consist of an earth base, with 1-3cm bluestone gravel graded onto the surface. Relatively cheap to build and maintain they can represent a substantial challenge to inexperienced drivers. Rally driving on the other hand is a great deal of fun.

Download Size: 1.8 MBDownload RVT SAM4 NZ Gravel Streets..

RVT Haagse PCC Tram by Rivit

Added on 11 April 2012, downloaded 85 times..

While I was living in Den Haag (The Hague, The Netherlands) during the 80s this dainty PCC tram was by far my preferred form of transport. The Tram was usually used in control/trailer pairs. Because of the many narrow streets it was a deliberately small version of the generic American PCC design. They were decommissioned around '94.
The plugin contains two options: single controller tram, or controller tram and wagon. Night lighting for all carriages and correct NAM UDI exemplar are included.

Download Size: 260 KBDownload RVT Haagse PCC Tram..

WMP Rowing Boats MMP by DocRorlach

Added on 05 April 2012, downloaded 429 times..

Nineteen ploppable water craft meant for ploppable water (they do not work with in-game water): several single and double racing sculls at different angles; inflatable rafts, an outboard motor boat, sailing dinghys, as well as some punts. Additionally, there are racing demarkation posts and a scull race finish line. The included punt dock was designed to work with Murimk's Rural Marinas (available on the PLEX and the STEX).
To use these watercraft, plop the boats first, then "paint" the water around them. All items, except the clubhouse, can be found atop the Park Menu.

Download Size: 24 KBDownload WMP Rowing Boats MMP..

The Container City by pLynn

Added on 27 March 2012, downloaded 71 times..

Containers are an extremely flexible method of construction, being both modular in shape, extremely strong structurally and readily available. Container Cities offer an alternative solution to traditional space provision. They are ideal for office and workspace, live-work and key-worker housing. Three landmark lots, 2x3 and 3x3, roughly based on the Container City idea in London, UK. Most of the dependencies are common enough to already exist in everyone's SC4 plugins folder.

Download Size: 929 KBDownload The Container City..

WMP Railyard by DocRorlach

Added on 23 February 2012, downloaded 183 times..

The Rectangle Roundhouse carries quite a few dependencies, and as such is really meant for folks who have already accumulated most of the WMP and BSC props. Rather than leave it as a pure landmark, the decision was made to turn the railyard into a freight depot, with track connections for both STR & DTR as well as street access.

Download Size: 4.0 MBDownload WMP Railyard..