Available here are all props and textures used for WMP custom content. Lotters may find these useful for their own creations.

In some cases these props may have been included with the original downloads (usually the case with smaller prop files).

Prop Downloads..

DAT File:Description:Used by:Size (MB):Updated:Stats:
wmp_spam_freight_props2.datVarious freight props, fences, vehicles, etc.general usage0.2 MB10/09/2012150
wmp_docklands3_props.datProps for Dockland 3 SetWMP Rural Docklands 37.5 MB03/09/2012939
wmp_spam_props01.datVarious fences, lampposts, etc.general usage0.1 MB31/07/2012105
wmp_light_props.datLigth cones & globesgeneral usage0.1 MB31/07/2012106
wm_spam_freight_bldgs.datBuildings & auxillary large propsWMP SPAM Workplaces0.9 MB27/07/2012102
wmp_spam_freight_props.datFreight & vehicle propsWMP SPAM Workplaces0.3 MB23/07/2012757
wmp_vet_clinic_props.datWMP Veterinary ClinicWMP SPAM Workplaces1.4 MB23/07/201299
wmp_ethanol_props2.datVarious HD PropsWMP Grain Freight Depot0.9 MB30/06/20121,129
wmp_ethanol_props.datVarious HD PropsWMP Ethanol Plants0.8 MB28/06/2012814
wmp_ethanol_LHDPaths.datSpecial Path FileWMP Ethanol Plants0.5 MB28/06/2012478
rfy_warehouse_props.datRFY Warehouse LotsRFY Warehouse Lots1.8 MB12/06/20122,015
wmp_texture10 LHD.datRFY Bus & Tram DepotRFY Bus & Tram Depot0.1 MB25/05/2012451
rfy_cardealer_props.datstreet textures, cars, misc. propsvarious lots2.1 MB25/05/20121,032
WMP Fence & Garden Prop PackReplaces the following prop files: wmp_fence_props01.dat, wmp_fence_props03.dat, wmp_fence_props04.dat, wmp_garden_props.dat, wmp_garden_props02.datgeneral useage3.2 MB09/04/20121,038
wmp_rdock_docks01.datShort dock pieces (16m), IC/OC pieces WMP Rural Docklands 7.5 MB28/09/20111,629
wmp_rdock_whouse_props.datWarehouses WMP Rural Docklands 5.1 MB28/09/20111,001
wmp_rdock_docks02.datLong dock pieces (32/48m) WMP Rural Docklands 7.6 MB28/09/20111,605
wmp_rdock_vehicle_props.datCars, barges, trucks WMP Rural Docklands 614 KB28/09/20112,020
wmp_rdock_props02.datFreight props, timed props, workers, etc. WMP Rural Docklands 337 KB28/09/20112,236
wmp_rdock_props01.datlampposts, fence additions, gates, etc. WMP Rural Docklands 502 KB28/09/20113,884
wmp_cars_props02.datHD cars, trucks, parked cars & queues WMP Ferry Series 1.1 MB24/08/20115,187
wmp_ferry_props01.datVar. ferry & seaport props, fences, flood lights, etc. WMP Ferry Series 1.7 MB24/08/20117,795
wmp_villa_props01.datHedges, pools, playgrounds, cars, garden stuff WMP TenBrook Estates 1.9 MB17/08/20111,116
wmp_freight_props01.datBoxes, crates, cranes, workers, etc. Flying Pig Freight Depots 2.8 MB17/08/2011761
wmp_rail_props01.datCovered rail bridge models Covered Rail Bridges 1.0 MB17/08/2011375
wmp_bridgeprops.datBridge models WMP Bridges 1.2 MB17/08/2011557
wmp_boardwalk_props.datBoardwalk fences, signs, outhouse, etc. WMP Boardwalks 176.6 KB17/08/2011759
wmp_station_props.datA series of HD props for railway stations WMP Central Station 4.4 MB17/08/20113,642
wmp_rowing_props.datBoats, sculls, dinghys, etc. WMP Rowing Club 1.7 MB17/08/2011281
wmp_garden_props.datGarden props WMP Allotments 450.6 KB17/08/20112,800
wmp_props.datStreetlights, seawall, fences, hedges, etc. WMP Causeways 24 KB17/08/2011770
wmp_power_props02.datSingle power poles, lmaps, street lights, etc. various 207 KB17/08/20111,326
wmp_rail_props03.datBuildings WMP Flying Pig Passenger Stations 5.0 MB17/08/20111,401
wmp_shack_props01.datSheds, barrels, trees, single power poles, signs, wood skip, dumpsters, etc. WMP FP Sugar Shacks 837 KB17/08/20111,722
wmp_allotment_props.datGarden sheds, water pump, transformer, etc. WMP Allotment Set 2.1 MB17/08/2011680
wmp_garden_props02.datTrellises, flora, market items, BBQ, greenhouses, etc. WMP Allotment Set 1.1 MB17/08/20111,019
wmp_fence_props03.datFences, gates, and hedges WMP Allotment Set 241 KB17/08/2011289
wmp_fence_props04.datMossy Walls WMP Rowing Club 119 KB17/08/2011288
wmp_dummies.datPark, Landmark, Commerce, Service, Industry dummy buldings. Various lots 27.9 KB17/08/20111,007
wmp_ad_station_props.datfountain, lampposts, benches, etc. WMP Art Deco Station 2.2 MB17/08/20111,044
wmp_misc_props.datCombines wmp_bridgeprops.zip, wmp_textures.zip, and wmp_boardwalk_props.zipgeneral useage1.7 MB17/08/2011111
wmp_allotment_pathes.datFenced & standard pathways WMP Allotment Set 1.7 MB 14/07/2011344
wmp_cars_props.datHD Cars & pickups.. various 365 KB11/07/20114,240
wmp_power_props01.datPower poles, cellphone masts, transformervarious 1.0 MB21/06/20119,836
wmp_fence-wall_props.datFences & walls various 1.3 MB21/06/20113,365


Texture Downloads..

DAT File:Description:Size (MB):Updated:Stats:
wmp_texture10.datSpecial texture for SPAM workplaces0.6 MB27/06/20122,934
WMP Texture Mega PackThis pack combines all previously issued WMP textures.The follwoing DAT files are replaced:
wmp_textures.dat, wmp_textures02.dat, wmp_texture03.dat, wmp_texture04.dat, wmp_texture05.dat,, wmp_texture06.dat, wmp_texture07.dat, wmp_texture08.dat, wmp_texture09.dat
A BSC Cleanitol remove list has been included.
4.1 MB03/04/20122,405
wmp_textures02.datWMP Central Station, Flying Pig Freight Depots 153.0 KB05/10/20114,160
wmp_textures.datWMP Causeways, WMP Boardwalks, WMP Bridges 306 KB05/10/2011481
wmp_texture05.datWMP Ferry Series 273 KB12/09/20114,024
wmp_texture09.datWMP Railyard 1.1 MB17/08/2011129
wmp_texture08.datWMP Art Deco Station 410 KB17/08/20111,397
wmp_texture07.datWMP Rural Docklands 384 KB17/08/20111,783
wmp_texture06.datWMP Truck Ferry 85 KB17/08/20111,789
wmp_texture03.datWMP TenBrook Estates, WMP Flying Pig Passenger Stations, WMP Power Lots, WMP Allotments 1.1 MB17/08/20113,366
wmp_texture04.datWMP FP Sugar Shacks, WMP Allotment Set 453 KB11/07/20111,872


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Total Props/Texture Downloads: 96,645