There probably better tutorials about terra-forming available, but this quick 'n' dirty job will do you in a pinch.

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This help file is also available as a PDF download.

How to terraform for Causeways..

While all causeway tiles are land-based (with the exception of the plain seawall), they do look their best if the terrain is properly terraformed. This is relatively easy to do:

Step One

Start by switching to Data Views (1) and select Water Polution (2). This will temporarily remove the water texture and make the sea/river transparent. Next select the Quick Level Brush (3) from the God Menu.

Before you start levelling, press Shift-2 or Shift-3 to reduce the brush size, and Shift-F10 to apply maximum strength to the brush. Start close to the water's edge and level outward until you reach the other coast (4).

At this stage, do not worry about accuracy or perfection - we'll soon fix that.

Step Two

When you've finished the elevated portion of the causeway, use the same levelling brush to reduce the dike to a one-tile width by leveling the sea or river bed (2). This requires a bit more accuracy and is best done with a smaller brush: Shift-2 at medium zoom level worked best for us.

You want the sloping sides of the dike rather steep to best suite the causeway. Once this is done you can switch back to normal view by selecting All Off from the Data View box.

Step Four Step Five

You can of course place the Causeway lots at any height, but they do look best at low levels, such as used by seaports. The easiest way to lower the dike is to plop any seaport puzzle piece (we used Pegasus' CDK) onto the dike, and then bulldoze the lot. Next use standard road pieces and plop one at a time (don't drag - especially not if you use any slope mod).

Final Step

Once the dike has been levelled and lowered, you can start placing the Causeway Lots. In the case of the Ped Mall pieces you can alternate between Causeway Ped Mall and Maxis/NAM ped mall pieces - both types are restricted to pedestrian use only. The WMP Ped Mall Causeway, however, uses a different method in order to avoid conflicts and CTDs. This means they cannot be transit queried and will not show pathing if the DrawPath modifier is used. The simply act as switches: pedestrian in, pedestrian out.

Overview of available WMP Causeway lots:

Note: The street surface shown here is the result of rivit's tar-sealed street mod. If that is not installed, these lots will default to the Maxis streets or any other street mod you have installed.

Please note: the game inhibits transit-enabled lots to sit next to each other. What you need to do is to leave at least a one-tile gap between two TE lots – this only applies to street and road lots – then connect these with either road or street and use the seawall piece on either water side to create uniform look.

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