How it works..

Naturally, this is not an exchange like the LEX, PLEX, or STEX. We simply do not have those kind of resources - not yet at any rate. Hence our system may appear a bit more long winded: you need to fill in the form below and attach the ZIP containing your custom content or mod as well as any images or logos you want to use on your page.

Only standard ZIP formats are accepted (no RAR, GZIP, etc.). We use two types of descriptions: the short version ends up in the general listing, and the long version appears on your download page. We also recommend the the inclusion of a read-me or explanatory text, especially if your creation requires installation instructions. If your lot or mod has dependencies, list these below, complete with URLs - we cannot go treasure hunting.

That done, it can take anywhere from an hour to a couple of days until your upload appears on the exchange - depending on when we get a chance to check your upload. Unlike the big exchanges, we do check uploads thoroughly. Here's what we do: first, of course, there is a virus check. Next we look at the contents of the ZIP archive; if we already have it installed, the process stops here and we create the download page for your creation. If we do not already have it or know about it, we will install it in a Sandbox region and test it. If it works, it is published. If not, well, better luck next time. In either case you will be notified.

NB: If you want to be listed on the "Independent Creators" page, please send us an email and tell us a bit about yourself and your batting work. Do include a team logo on the final upload page.

Upload & Creator Details:

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Upload Files:

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While we do not (yet) have the bandwidth problems and limits of other sites, we do impose a size restriction: uploads larger than 24 MB usually will not pass (total upload size, images and all).

The WorkingMan Productions Team